Just because every one else is saying it in their copy ...
doesn't mean you have to.

I help coaches and course creators write ethical sales copy that sounds like you.

Take your clients on a journey with value-first, educational content.

Show them you are the expert that wants them to succeed.

If you can check most of these boxes, we should chat.

  • I’m an online business owner, coach, course creator or thought leader, in business or personal development, health and wellness, lifestyle, relationships.
  • I’m eager to share my coaching, course or methodology with a wider audience.
  • I am very familiar with my audience and have had many calls or worked with clients 1:1.
  • I am interested in dialing in my long-term growth strategy with educational ethical marketing.
  • I want to attract students or clients that are ready to do the work – not ones that have FOMO and won’t be invested in their own growth.
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I'll show you how to take your audience on a learning journey so they can't wait to work with you. Leaving no question that you are the expert to help solve their problem.


You do what you do because you are passionate and you can help people through your coaching, courses or membership. But you want to connect with more people and show them how your expertise can help them. 

Not sure where to start? The Content Blueprint is what you need. 

Every client that works with me, starts here.


This guide was created for the non-copywriter entrepreneur that is writing a sales page for your services, offer or course.

This 43-page guide walks you through every section you need for a high-converting sales page. 

Complete with tips and prompts + a comprehensive index of sales pages to give you inspiration and guidance. 

I write copy that makes your prospects think you are spying on them.

(in the good, non-creepy, spying way!)

Hi, I’m Heather. Marketing-obsessed, latte drinkin’, dog lovin’ Canadian (currently in Australia) and is genuinely happy when I see my fellow biz-owners succeed. 

I help digital entrepreneurs to convey the value of your offer to increase sign-ups, sales and bookings.

I do this all through proven copywriting techniques that focus on buyer psychology and ethical marketing. 

Want to connect IRL? Hit the button below and we’ll have a chat about your project and how I can help.

I help coaches and course creators like you have 1000% confidence that your copy:

  • Clearly articulates the value of what you offer and how you help people so that your prospective clients know you are the expert they need to work with. 
  • Paints a vivid picture of where your clients will be after they’ve worked with you so they can’t wait to get started.
  • Filters out the clients that are not a fit for your offer – so you know you are only working with your dream clients and students.
  • Does precisely what you want: sell more courses, services or memberships (so you can make more money).

Let's get your copy working FOR you, so that you know you are attracting top quality leads so you can get more sign-ups and sell more of your offer.

When I am writing for my clients, I am not looking to put words together because they look pretty or even sound that nice … I put words together that join the conversation in your prospect’s mind. And entice them to take action. 

conversion copywriting is a science, not an art